Seung-won Hwang

Language and Data Intelligence Lab,
Department of Computer Science and Engineering,
Seoul National University

Email: seungwonh[AT]




Selected Publications(full list of 100+@DBLP)

  • Script, Language, and Labels: Overcoming Three Discrepancies for Low-Resource Language Specialization, AAAI 2023
  • PLM-based World Models for Text-based Games, EMNLP 2022
  • Towards Compositional Generalization in Code Search, EMNLP 2022 (short)
  • Pseudo-Relevance for Enhancing Document Representation, EMNLP 2022
  • Normalizing Mutual Information for Robust Adaptive Training for Translation. EMNLP 2022 (short)
  • BotsTalk: Machine-Sourced Framework for Automatic Curation of Large-scale Multi-skill Dialogue Datasets, EMNLP 2022
  • FAD-X: Fusing Adapters for Cross-lingual Transfer to Low-Resource Languages (short), AACL 2022
  • Mind the Gap! Injecting Commonsense Knowledge for Abstractive Dialogue Summarization, COLING 2022
  • Collective Relevance Labeling for Passage Retrieval, NAACL 2022 (short)
  • Privacy-Preserving Text Classification on BERT Embeddings with Homomorphic Encryption, NAACL 2022 (short)
  • Modularized Transfer Learning with Multiple Knowledge Graphs for Zero-shot Commonsense Reasoning, NAACL 2022
  • ReACC: A Retrieval-Augmented Code Completion Framework, ACL 2022
  • Debiasing Event Understanding for Visual Commonsense Tasks, Findings of ACL 2022 (short)
  • Plug-and-Play Adaptation for Continuously-updated QA, Findings of ACL 2022
  • C2L: Causally Contrastive Learning for Robust Text Classification, AAAI 2022
  • Dual Task Framework for Improving Persona-grounded Dialogue Dataset, AAAI 2022
  • TrustAL: Trustworthy Active Learning using Knowledge Distillation, AAAI 2022
  • Bridging Code-Text Representation Gap using Explanation, ACML 2021
  • Structure-Augmented Keyphrase Generation, EMNLP 2021
  • Robustifying Multi-hop QA through Pseudo-Evidentiality Training, ACL 2021
  • Web Document Encoding for Structure-Aware Keyphrase Extraction, SIGIR 2021 (short)
  • SCOPA : Soft Code-Switching and Pairwise Alignment for Zero-Shot Cross-lingual Transfer, CIKM 2021 (short)
  • Counterfactual Generative Smoothing for Imbalanced Natural Language Classification, CIKM 2021 (short)
  • Label and Context Augmentation for Response Selection at DSTC8, IEEE Transactions on Audio, Speech, and Language Processing (TASLP), 2021
  • Query Generation for Multimodal Documents, EACL 2021
  • Bootstrapping Information Extraction via Conceptualization, ICDE 2021
  • Retriever-Augmented and Controllable Review Generation, COLING 2020
  • Less is More: Attention Supervision with Counterfactuals for Text Classification, EMNLP 2020
  • Conditional Response Augmentation for Dialogue using Knowledge Distillation, INTERSPEECH 2020
  • Training Data Optimization for Pairwise Learning to Rank, ICTIR 2020
  • Instructional Video Summarization using Attentive Knowledge Grounding, ECML 2020 (demo)
  • BERT Is NOT All You Need for Commonsense Inference, ICASSP 2020
  • Segment-then-Rank: Non-factoid Question Answering on Instructional Videos, AAAI 2020
  • Meta-supervision for Attention Using Counterfactual Estimation, ICDM 2019 (short), Highly Rated ICDM Issue Invitation for DSE 2020
  • Conversion Prediction from Clickstream: Modeling Market Prediction and Customer Predictability, IEEE TKDE 2020 (and WSDM 2017)
  • XINA: Explainable Instance Alignment, IEEE TKDE 2020 (and ICDE 2019)
  • Learning with Limited Data for Multilingual Reading Comprehension, EMNLP 2019
  • NL2pSQL: Generating Pseudo-SQL Queries from Under-specified Natural Language Questions, EMNLP 2019
  • MICRON: Multigranular Interaction for Contextualizing Representation in Non-factoid Question Answering, EMNLP 2019 (short)
  • Text Length Adaptation in Sentiment Classification, ACML 2019
  • Soft Representation Learning for Sparse Transfer, ACL 2019
  • Explanatory and Actionable Debugging for Machine Learning: A TableQA Demonstration, SIGIR 2019 (demo)
  • Categorical Metadata Representation for Customized Text Classification, TACL 2019 (ACL19 talk)
  • Paraphrase Diversification using Counterfactual Debiasing, AAAI 2019
  • AutoSense Model for Word Sense Induction, AAAI 2019
  • QADiver: Interactive Framework for Diagnosing QA Models, AAAI 2019 (demo)
  • List Intersection for Web Search: Algorithms, Cost Models, and Optimization, VLDB 2019
  • Adversarial TableQA: Attention Supervision for Question Answering on Tables, ACML 2018 (Best Student Paper Runner-up)
  • Cold-Start Aware User and Product Attention for Sentiment Classification, ACL 2018
  • Mining Cross-Cultural Differences and Similarities in Social Media, ACL 2018
  • Translations as Additional Contexts for Sentence Classification, IJCAI 2018
  • Entity Commonsense Representation for Neural Abstractive Summarization, NAACL 2018
  • Machine-translated Knowledge Transfer for Commonsense Causal Reasoning, AAAI 2018
  • Entity Suggestion with Conceptual Explanation, IJCAI 2017
  • Efficient Keyword-aware Representative Travel Route Recommendation, IEEE TKDE 2017 (and ICDM 2015)
  • Multimodal KB Harvesting for Emerging Spatial Entities, IEEE TKDE 2017 (and AAAI 2016c)
  • Gradable Adjective Embedding for Commonsense Knowledge, PAKDD 2017
  • KBQA: Learning Question Answering over QA Copora and Knowledge Bases, VLDB 2017
  • Graph-based Wrong IsA Relation Detection in a Large-scale Lexical Taxonomy, AAAI 2017
  • Aspect Sentiment Model for Microreviews, ICDM 2017 (short)
  • Probabilistic Prototype Model for Serendipitious Property Mining, COLING 2016
  • Prediction and Predictability for Search Query Acceleration, ACM Transactions on the Web, 2016
  • Processing and Optimizing Main Memory Spatial-Keyword Queries, VLDB 2016
  • Fine-grained Semantic Conceptualization of FrameNet, AAAI 2016a
  • Verb Pattern: A Probablistic Semantic Representation of Verbs, AAAI 2016b
  • Common Sense Causal Reasoning between Short Texts, KR 2016
  • Cross-lingual Type Inference, DASFAA 2016
  • Event Grounding from Multimodal Social Network Fusion, ICDM 2016 (short)
  • Browsing2purchase: Online Customer Model for Sales Forcasting in an E-commerce Site, WWW 2016 (short)
  • Delayed-Dynamic-Selecive (DDS) Prediction for Reducing Extreme Tail Latencies in Web Search, WSDM 2015 (Best Paper Runner-up)
  • An Association Network for Computing Semantic Relatedness, AAAI 2015
  • Predictive Parallelization: Taming Tail Latencies in Web Search, SIGIR 2014
  • ARIA: Asymmetry Resistant Instance Alignment, AAAI 2014
  • Overcoming Asymmetry in Entity Graphs, IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering 2014
  • Toward Scalable Indexing for Top-k Queries, IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering 2014 (and ICDE 2012)
  • Hybrid Entity Clustering using Crowds and Data, VLDBJ 2014 (and KDD 2009)
  • Map Translation using Geo-tagged Social Media, EACL 2014 (short)
  • Understanding Relational Temporality of Entities, ACL 2014 (short)
  • Towards Efficient Multidimensional Subspace Skyline Computation, VLDBJ 2013 (and VLDB 2011)
  • Bootstrapping Entity Translation on Weakly Comparable Corpora, ACL 2013
  • Enriching Entity Translation Discovery using Selective Temporality, ACL 2013 (short)
  • Attribute Extraction and Scoring: A Probabilistic Approach, ICDE 2013
  • Robust Distributed Indexing for Locality-Skewed WorkloadsCIKM 2012
  • Enriching Document with Examples: A Corpus Mining Approach, ACM Transactions on Information Systems, 2013 (and AAAI 2010)
  • Efficient Entity Translation Mining: A Parallelized Graph Alignment Approach, ACM Transactions on Information Systems, 2012 (and EMNLP 2010)
  • Ursa: Scalable Load and Power Management in Cloud Storage Systems, ACM Transactions on Storage, 2013 (and Middleware 2011)
  • Entity Translation Mining from Comparable Corpora: Combining Graph Mapping with Corpus Latent Features, IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering, 2013 (and CIKM 2011)
  • Predictive Mining of Comparable Entities from the Web, AAAI 2012
  • An Efficient Dual-Resolution Layer Indexing for Top-k Queries, ICDE 2012
  • QSkycube: Efficient Skycube Computation Using Point-Based Space Partitioning, VLDB 2011
  • Web Scale Taxonomy Cleansing, VLDB 2011
  • CosTriage: A Cost-Aware Triage Algorithm for Bug Reporting Systems, AAAI 2011
  • A New Approach for Processing Ranked Subsequence Matching Based on Ranked Union, SIGMOD 2011
  • Exact Indexing for Support Vector Machines, SIGMOD 2011
  • Instant Code Clone Search, ACM SIGSOFT/FSE (Foundations of Software Engineering) 2010
  • Supporting pattern matching queries over trajectories on road networks, IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering, 2011
  • Spatial Skyline Queries: An Efficient Geometric Algorithm SSTD 2009 (Best Paper Award)
  • >Query Result Clustering for Object-level Search ACM SIGKDD 2009
  • Optimizing Top-k Queries for Middleware Access: A Unified Cost-based ApproachACM Transactions on Database Systems, 2007 (and ICDE 2005) >
  • Probe Minimization by Schedule: Supporting Top-k Queries with Expensive PredicatesIEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering, 2007 (and SIGMOD 2002)
  • Automatic Categorization of Query Results, ACM SIGMOD 2004
Honors and Awards
  • Microsoft Research Outstanding Collaborator Award
  • Paper awards: SSTD 2009 (best), WSDM 2015 (best runner-up), ACML 2018 (best student runner-up)
  • Research/teaching excellence: UIUC CS (teaching, 2003), POSTECH (teaching; 2007-2010), Yonsei (presidential distinguished research award)
  • KFAS doctoral study abroad fellow